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Top 5 Questions

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  1. How do I make a booking?

    You have a few options when booking your Contiki trip. You can choose to book online, call a Contiki representative on 0508 CONTIKI or visit your local travel agent.

  2. Can I make a change to my booking?

    Yes. If you need to change the departure date of your trip, room sharing option or have another issue, we can help .Just call the Contiki representative or travel agent who you made the booking with.

  3. Are airfares includes in the cost of the trip?

    Airfares are not included in the cost of your Contiki trip (with the exception of air transfers once on your trip). You can either book the flights yourself (just let us know your flight details so we can add these to your booking) or we can book them for you, offering our competitive schedules and rates.

  4. Do you offer discounts on trips?

    We offer a variety of discounts on our trips. Past passenger discounts, multi trip discounts and group travel discounts are all available, as well as early payment discounts and competitive last minute deals.

  5. What's included on a Contiki trip?

    Transport (including coach, train, air transfers and ferry transport), accommodation, and meals as per each individual tour itinerary are all included on a Contiki trip. Exclusive inclusions as listed on each individual tour are also included, with additional Free Time Add-Ons available to purchase with every trip.

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