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Food and culture You're never far from a warm hello

Where independence is a state of mind

North Americans are known for being trendsetters and entrepreneurs, and often lead the way with their innovative thinking. Genuinely friendly, they’ll happily chat to strangers and offer you a few good tips to get around and find something local.

They’re proud of their heritage, and even though they have a very diverse cultural background from several parts of the world, North Americans are very patriotic. They’re passionate about their sport, and we give you the chance to see the home of the Chicago Bears American Football team and White Sox Baseball club.

If you’re exploring on your own, remember tipping is a big part of everyday life, so be prepared to say ‘thanks’ if you get served somewhere – good service, good tip!

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Sample the tastes

You can’t see North America without tasting it. We include a ton of meals like BBQ ribs, a traditional Chinatown feast in San Fran or a deep-dish pizza dinner in Chicago. We keep it flexible too so you can check out the meals you want to.

Having a burger & fries in an All-American diner should be done at least once. The huge steaks are famous in Texas, as is the tasty seafood gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish in the South, clam chowder in Rhode Island, and cinnamon and sugar pretzels.

Chill with a drink

North America is the home of the soft drink, and local wines from Napa Valley. Bourbon drinkers will appreciate a tipple on local soil. You can't beat strawberry diner shakes, but venture out and have a peanut butter or oreo cookie thick shake too. Or try a root beer.

Meet the wildlife.

Try and spot an alligator in the swamps of Louisiana, or a moose or bear on your trip up the Canadian mountains. See eagles soaring overhead, wolves and coyotes roaming the forests and plains, and beavers hard at work along the rivers.

Watch where you walk in the West so you don’t disturb a rattlesnake, and don’t be fooled by a cuddly skunk - their scent will take days to get rid of if you scare one.

Shop til you drop

The USA & Canada are great for fashion and shopping and there’s plenty of great stores and malls to check out. In LA, see where the celebs shop in Rodeo Drive, then head to the Grove, the Fashion District in Downtown or 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica for something a bit more affordable. In New York, snap up something cool in Fifth Avenue and around Times Square.